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Atlas Sheet: 11

Atlas Sheet: 11

“Memory is thus conceived of Richter’s Atlas first of all as an archaeology of pictorial and photographic registers, each of which partakes in a different photographic formation, and each of which generates its proper psychic register of responses. While all of them operate separately (and in relative independence from each other) in the perceptual and the mnemonic apparatus of the subject, they all intersect, constituting precisely that complex field of disavowals and displacements, the field of repression and cover images within which memory is constituted in the register of photographic order.”

Benjamin H. D. Bucholoh in The Archive, Charles Merewether, 2006

The Art of Memory


“Few people know that the Greeks, who invented many arts, invented the art of memory which, like their other arts, was passed on to Rome whence it descended in the European tradition. This art seeks to memorize through a technique of impressing “places” and “images” on memory. It has usually been classed as “mnemotechnics”, which in modern times seems a rather unimportant branch of human activity. But in the age before printing a trained memory was vitally important; and the manipulation of images in memory must always to some extent involve the psyche as a whole.”

Frances Yates in Sub-Urbanism and the Art of Memory, Sébastien Marot, 2003